One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” Bob Marley 1971


***Who am I***

My name is Cillian Gavin (Gav) and I hail from Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. I am a singer songwriter who is releasing his first CD this year.  I have been living in Dublin for the past 9 years and work as a primary teacher and guitar teacher. I have performed with Liam O Mhaonlaí (Hothouse Flowers), Mary Coughlan, Gavin Glass (The Late Late Show) and Sean Miller.


***My Musical Journey***


My love affair with music starts and hopefully will end with family. The sometimes sweet and dulcet tones of my dad, Adrian playing guitar and singing met my ears from a young age. I grew up listening to The Beatles, Bagatelle and The Eagles.

Once the main man showed me my first few chords I was hooked. My sisters all played piano and Niamh, my eldest sister, put us all to shame by learning a number of other instruments just to show off.


My family and friends regularly have impromptu and oraganised music sessions which are always great craic. Over the years I have tried to master guitar and after years of experimenting with falsettos and various yodelling techniques I found my voice.

After I began teaching guitar in 2011 my interest in singing and guitar increased. It’s never a bad option to keep 30 kids occupied. In late 2012 my good friend John Cloherty of Na Ciotogaí asked me to support his band on Clare Island.


The event was the Clare Isllnd GAA club dinner dance. They had just won the All Island All Ireland Championship and a big night was planned. I asked my sister Niamh to accompany me on 6 songs during the Na Ciotogaí set. Things went grand as they say and Acoustic Kick were born.

Over the next 2 years the 2 piece Acoustic Kick played over 70 in gigs in Mayo and Dublin. It was during this time that my love of performing live was born. The energy and crowd interaction was something that I grew to love. Niamh unfortunately emigrated and I was left on my own. Since then I have played with various people including John Cloherty and Conor Ward. Now I am mainly a solo performer.



In 2015 I was asked to be part of the mental health charity Walk in my Shoes CD. This was a great experience. I got to work with producer Gavin Glass of Ireland’s premier recording studio Orphan Studios. My track Into the Light was chosen to be part of the project.

I was lucky enough to share the experience with well known Irish singer Jack L, Gavin Glass (The Late Late Show) and Sean Miller (Dr. Miller). Being in the company of such talent and experience really inspired me to dream about my own CD some day. This is where you come in!

I hope you can check out my site and subscribe to my music blog. My debut EP Into the Light is being realised in December of this year. There will be plenty of updates on to keep you informed of my progress.
Yours in music,